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Meet the Team

Every District has a culture of its own & our fantastic group of professionals understand how to help you Discover Your District in the Portland Metro Area, SW Washington, From Hood River to the Oregon Coast


Amy Gibson

OR Principal Broker

Newer Local Who Loves St Johns & Surrounding North Portland 503-314-0091


Kelyn Miles

OR & WA Broker

A Native Local in WA Great for NW Vancouver Areas 503-707-7011


Jen Beasley

OR  Broker

A Local of the WA Coast with A Heart for NE Portland 503-348-2803


Morgan Braze

OR & WA Broker

A Native Local Great on the Westside & Coast 541-760-7200


Sneshana Kisser

OR & WA Broker

Newer Local Fluent in Russian 503-341-8635


Sue Green

WA Broker

Long Time Local Great with Development  360-241-1515


Stacey Kunkler

OR Broker

A Native Local Perfect Westside & Wine Country   503-740-1454


Meuy Saephanh

OR Broker

A Native Local to Westside Beaverton Area 971-325-5343


Mary Helmes

WA Broker

A Native Local From WA with A Niche for New 360-518-9144


Kristen Riggs

Owner . Principal Broker in OR

Designated Broker in WA


Discover Your District

A small boutique brokerage with experienced brokers from a wide range of backgrounds offering full service real estate services to Buyers and Sellers.

Our brokers each offer a niche working together to provide excellent educated service in Oregon and Washington for residential home sales, small commercial properties, land development, fixers/flips,  new construction and multifamily investments.


Drove by a sign & just curious? Looking for a small investment or great site to set up shop? Give us a call at the office anytime!